Poster Session

[01]  Michael Luescher, Novartis Pharma AG
«Sustainable Process Development - Multidimensional Metrics»

[02]  Michael Prieschl, RCPE GmbH
«The Concept of “Chemical Generators”»

[03]  Maxime Hedou, EPFL Lausanne/HES-SO Fribourg
«Sustainable High-Performance Copolyesters Using a Novel Xylose-Based Platform»

[04]  Sebastien Preys, Ondalys
«From complex real world data to process understanding and monitoring, a use case in the chemical industry»

[05]  Alessandro Cattaneo, HEIA-FR
«Bio-based monomers and polymers»

[06]  Amira Ben Mansour, HEIA-FR
«Smart response self-disinfected bio-based  nanocoated surfaces for  healthier environments»

[07]  Dario Poier, HEIA-FR
«Single-atom catalysts applied in fine chemical synthesis»

[08]  Fabio Casanova, Firmenich SA
«A Key Perfumery Ingredient from batch to continuous»

[09]  Benedikt Brönnimann, FHNW
«Development of a Novel Measurement Setup to Study and Predict Electrostatic Discharges in Agitated Glass-lined Vessels»

[10]  Thomas Pielhop, ZHAW
«Unlocking the potential of lignocellulose for chemicals and polymers production»

[11] Péter Pál Kalapos, ETH Zurich
«Frustrated Lewis pair renders methyltrioxorhenium active in homogenous olefin metathesis»

[12]  Raphael Bissig, ETH Zurich
«Model Compounds for Intermediates and Transition States in Sonogashira and Negishi Coupling: d8–d10Bonds in Large Heterobimetallic Complexes Are Weaker than Computational Chemistry Predicts»

[13]  Nhat-Quang Nguyen-Trung, Novartis Pharma AG
«Reversal of stereoselectivity in ERED catalyzed reduction through a smart positioning of double bond»

[14]  Davide Di Francesco, ZHAW
«Mild and selective etherification of wheat straw lignin and lignin model alcohols by moisture-tolerant zirconium catalysis»

[15]  David Kreutter, University of Bern
«Multistep retrosynthesis combining a disconnection aware triple transformer loop with a route penalty score guided tree search»

[16]  Phil Emery, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
«The MIDAS Project Story- The Road to Continuous Chemistry; Developing down-stream capabilities on Vecta AI Manufacturing- The Road to Continuous Downstream Production»

[17]  Jarred Blank, Novartis Pharma AG
«Sustainable Improvements for Manufacturing at Scale: Suzuki Coupling and Chiral Resolution Case Studies»

[18]  Etienne Bonvin, University of Bern
«α-Helical mixed peptide-peptoid antimicrobial peptides to control multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria»

[19]  Hippolyte Personne, University of Bern
«X-ray Structures of Mixed-chirality α-Helical Antimicrobial Peptides»

[20]  André Bütikofer, ETH Zurich
«Zwitterionic Halido Cyclopentadienone Iron Complexes and Their Catalytic Performance in Hydrogenation Reactions»

[21] Michal Dabros, HEIA Fribourg, Marlies Moser, Fluitec, mixing + reaction solutions AG
«Modelling gas-liquid mass transfer in static mixers»